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Rolfing and Sophisticated Bodywork in Santa Cruz, CA by Elaine Lee, B.S., Certified Rolfer™

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am currently in osteopathic medical school and have closed my practice. I highly recommend the excellent Rolfers™ and bodyworkers at Midline Bodywork in Santa Cruz. Thank you for visiting!

Welcome to Rolfing Santa Cruz!

  • Alleviate chronic pain and tension
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Enhance overall emotional and physical well-being

Is Rolfing® SI for You?

Rolfing SI is for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable in their body and using their body. Check out these MYTHS and FACTS about Rolfing SI:

MYTH: Rolfing is painful.

FACT: Rolfing SI is a collaborative process between practitioner and client. We are both continually assessing your comfort level and ability to receive and integrate the work in a relaxed state. Pain is NOT a part of the process.

MYTH: Rolfing is a form of deep tissue massage.

FACT: Rolfing SI looks beyond tight muscles and engages with the “why” those muscles are chronically tight. Is there an imbalance? Does the body display a torsion? Is there a supporting limb or structure that isn’t doing its job properly? Rather than simply relieving tension, Rolfing SI seeks to correct imbalances for long-term, often permanent results.

For more information, check out the FAQ or About Rolfing SI.

My Mission:

My goal is to provide exceptional bodywork experiences that facilitate a joyful connection with the body through awareness and ease of movement.

I strive to accomplish this in each session by alleviating pain, creating new movement possibilities, improving structural balance, and enhancing athletic potential. See how good Rolfing SI can make you feel!