“My ride with ALC was awesome! I am writing to say THANK YOU BIG TIME for your work on my leg…I have not had a single trace of IT band pain since seeing you…I feel so grateful for being able to work through this, to be physically capable of accomplishing what I did, and it is largely due to your amazing work…So, again, thank you for what you do! You rock.”

-Cori C., participant in 2010 Aids Ride.

“It is a joy to get bodywork from Elaine! Her touch is sensitive, knowledgeable, and healing. I am always able to perceive significant improvement in the quality of movement available to me after a session with her.”

Delana Thompson, Yoga Instructor

“A Rolfing 10-series with Elaine relieved long-standing pain and soreness that other  types of treatment did not address. I appreciate Elaine’s enthusiasm for her practice and the interest she takes in her clients well-being.”

-Stacey Monaco

“I went to Elaine to try Rolfing with no idea what to expect. I had been in pain for a year in a half from a shoulder injury that I received rock climbing. I tried acupuncture, physical therapy, a physician, and countless hours of rest, ice, and heat therapy, but nothing took away the endless pain in my shoulder. I was unable to carry groceries and use my arm for anything remotely physical. I had high hopes in Elaine’s techniques in Rolfing and she not only met those hopes but exceeded them. With only one treatment, I was 70% pain free. After a follow up appointment, I was completely pain free. I cannot express my thanks enough as I can now climb and move again with no pain. Elaine’s Rolfing gave me my life back. Thank you Elaine!”

-Ruth N, high school teacher

“Elaine was able to successfully address longstanding, chronic hip and shoulder problems from which I had been suffering for years, and regarding which other health care providers (MDs, chiropractors, physical rehab.) were unsuccessful. I highly recommend her.”

-Steven Brodsky

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